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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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In Love with SiSi

A wonderful bit of news has been hitting the headlines:
BBC News: Technique links words to signing: Technology that translates spoken or written words into British Sign Language (BSL) has been developed by researchers at IBM. The system, called SiSi (Say It Sign It) was created by a group of students in the UK. SiSi [...]

XV Congreso Mundial de la WFD

The World Federation of the Deaf will be hosting their 15th World Congress in July 2007, Madrid.

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is an international non-governmental organisation comprising national associations of Deaf people. It watches over the interests of more than 74 million Deaf people worldwide -more than 80% of them live [...]

iCommunicator solves nothing at $6499?

,,Well Jim, good to see you and what have you got for us today?” ,,Same here, John, and I can tell you I have something really amazing, just watch this!”

It listens, it types, it signs, it speaks, “iCommunicator is the finest software ever developed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing”
Here is some [...]

Bristol has best signing on web

I came across a bundle of websites that is like a city full of British Sign Language (BSL). And it all seems to come from the University of Bristol, Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS). They managed to create a great signing experience in their site, in just about every page you care to look at. [...]

SAMSARA! I mean… samsaraah..

Or: Samsara, the Amazing Motion-capture of Signing for Avatars that are Really Angry. Alexis Heloir wrote me an email the other day about a project called Samsara. The acronym is quite amazing and telling: Synthesis and Analysis of Motions for Simulation and Animation of Realistic Agents. The demo videos of the SIGNE (sub)project are of [...]

Demo Video Visicast

As an illustration of the use of sign language synthesis this video was made for the Visicast project:

(More videos are available on the Visicast site)
It is a combination of speech recognition, automatic translation and sign language synthesis. The avatar is Tessa. Unfortunately, it does not work the other way. So, if the signer needs [...]

eSign Editor Turns HamNoSys into SIGML for Signing Avatars

Have a seat and let me tell you the tale of Virtual Guido, the Signing Avatar, one step at a time.
A long time ago, in movie studios far away, Man first used Motion Capture to record Human movement. Having caught the movements, we could play with them. We could apply the movements to artificial shapes [...]


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