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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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The Gruesome, Semi-Gestures of Politics

I came across an old draft that struck me. It was written about two years ago when the IDF bombed Beirut. Back then, I did not want to post it, because this is not a political blog, but today’s situation in Gaza is so sad. The greatest sadness of it all comes, for me, from realizing that these military actions are intended, in a cruel way, as gestures. The acts themselves are horrible of course, but the practical goals are insignificant in comparison to the ‘message behind the actions’. But the point is that the ‘message behind the actions’ is not received, can not be received, and what is left are gruesome ’semi-gestures’. At best, these acts are politically motivated and appreciated by the home crowd…

… the old draft ….

Gestures are not always nice like sending flowers. You can say it with bombers as well. Only, what is this action supposed to communicate? And to whom? Is there truely an intention to communicate? Or is it just a low, mean act of destruction camouflaged as a tough 10-eyes-for-an-eye stance?

What message could you accept from a bomber?

It is today’s contribution to an endless series of misplaced actions; the intentions behind the actions may be transmitted by the perpetrators (and understood by kin), but it is impossible for the receiving end to acknowledge or accept the message. And so, they will send one of their own. What form will it take tomorrow?

… end …

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