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Lleyton Hewitt Trademark Gesture Challenged

I just noticed that there is a new case of people trademarking a gesture. In this case it is tennisplayer Lleyton Hewitt . However, he did not ‘invent’ the gesture (if such a thing could be said about a gesture in the first place), another tennisplayer called Niclas Kroon was apparently the first to trademark this “Vicht” salute, and he shared the rights with Mats Wilander.

Hewitt C'mon
The gesture and accompanying “C’mon” are claimed to be known as “doing a Lleyton”. (source & pic: Getty)

I you find it hard to believe, you may share it with the people on this forum. I merely find it interesting to witness (there are so many other ‘ridiculous’ things that can and will be trademarked). It is certainly not the first time it happens. Besides Kroon, there was once a wrestler called Diamond Dallas Page who fought a legal battle with rapper Jay-Z over a trademark violation of his ‘Diamond Cutter Gesture’. One seems to hear about gesture trademarks only when there is a dispute (as it is often with patents as well).

If you want to study the matter, read Henry Abromson’s good piece on gesture trademarking and the legal case of Page vs. Jay-Z, from which the following pictures were taken:


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