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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Eila Goldhahn

Eila Goldhahn:
What can be learnt from the MoverWitness Exchange for the development of gesture-based human-computer interfaces?
Goldhahn holds a very cloudy talk about people being movers and witnesses, holds up Durer’s famous woodcut of perception drawing. I am totally missing the point. We the engineers should all be ‘movers’ as well? So we can share a [...]

Christian Stoessel Helps the Elderly

Christian Stoessel, Hartmut Wandke & Lucienne Blessing:
Gestural interfaces for elderly users: Help or hindrance?
Publications here
Christian starts out by pointing towards the changing demographics (Dutch ‘vergrijzing’). There will be many elderly people. Or perhaps  better, many people above 65 years, because these people may be more healthy in body and mind than previous generations of elderly [...]

Frédéric Landragin Puts-That-There Again

Frédéric Landragin:
Effective and spurious ambiguities due to some co-verbal gestures in multimodal dialogue
Publications here and here
Landragin talks about ‘put-that-there‘, the classic multimodal interface developed by MIT. He also developed a similar application.
He did his PhD in Nancy, but a Dutch Professor of Computational Linguistics, called Henk Zeevat, was one of his promotors. Zeevat is at [...]

GW2009 Keynote: Antonio Camurri

Keynote: Antonio Camurri (also here)
Toward computational models of empathy and emotional entrainment
Casa Paganini - InfoMus - EyesWeb
Camurri has already done a lot of interesting work on movement and gesture, all of it in the ‘expressive corner’, working with dance and with music.
He just talked about a really nice application: He created a system to [...]

Isabel Galhano Rodrigues

Isabel Galhano Rodrigues:
Gesture choreography and gesture space in european vs. african portuguese interactions
her page.
She talked about cultural differences, regarding proxemics, regarding ‘touch gestures’.
Hmmm, she just showed two really nice videos, one with Portuguese students and one with Angolese students, who also talk Portuguese. They differ quite a lot in their gesturing, in the sense of [...]

Stuart Battersby on Interaction Studies Experiments

Patrick G. T. Healey, Chris Frauenberger, Marco Gillies & Stuart Battersby:
Experimenting with non-verbal interaction
For me personally, one of the more interesting posters was explained to me by Stuart Battersby (his page), of Queen Mary, University of London. He was working on theory from Interaction Studies, whcih I would also like to apply in robotics. He [...]

Do I Share Common Ground with Holler?

Judith Holler & Katie Wilkin:
Gesture use on common ground
Her page.
Thank god, she starts off by stating that the grand theories about why we gesture are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Hear, hear!
Nice explanation about common ground. What is it and how do people build up common ground between them. And how people adjust their speech as [...]

Yoshioka on Gesture in Different Languages

Keiko Yoshioka:
Gestural reference to space by speakers of typologically different languages
some publication here and here
This talk was introduced by De Ruiter as a nice follow-up on Asli’s talk. Keiko is introducing Talmy’s theory about ’sattelite-framed languages’ (English, Dutch, Chinese) versus ‘verb-framed languages’ (Spanish, etc). She explains how, in a verb-framed languages it is less easy [...]

Keynote by Asli Özyürek

Keynote: Asli Özyürek
The role of gesture in production and comprehension of language: Insights from behavior and brain
Asli is giving a good keynote, presenting a good overview of current gesture theory. I do have some trouble to follow her presentation of two different ‘grand hypotheses’ about gestures and speech. She seems to polarize the work on [...]

References for Jérémie Segouat

Jérémie Segouat & Annelies Braffort:
Toward modeling sign language coarticulation
I promised to refer Mister Segouat to early work on sign languages that also treat the rich aspects of the signed languages:
1. The historical overview in the first chapters of Kendon (2004), Gesture, visible action as utterance
2. Wilhelm Wundt, The Language of Gestures (e.g. 1973 English edition)
3. [...]


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