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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Christian Stoessel Helps the Elderly

Christian Stoessel, Hartmut Wandke & Lucienne Blessing:
Gestural interfaces for elderly users: Help or hindrance?
Publications here
Christian starts out by pointing towards the changing demographics (Dutch ‘vergrijzing’). There will be many elderly people. Or perhaps  better, many people above 65 years, because these people may be more healthy in body and mind than previous generations of elderly [...]

Apple Gesture Patents around iPhone

I noticed a flurry of gesture patents that mentioned a ‘portable mutlifunction device’. That’s patentspeak for iPhone. The patents were all from APPLE Inc. Well done Apple. That’s how you manage a patent portfolio. Philips and IBM used to be the masters in this line of completely covering an area with a barrage of patents. [...]

Is Cube-Flopping Gesturing?

Fellow PhD student at the TU Delft, Miguel Bruns-Alonso created a nice video of his Music Cube (his graduation project, see paper). And then Jasper van Kuijk (another colleague) blogged it for usability. And here I come wandering wondering: whether moving this Cube in certain ways to control music playing can or should be considered [...]

Is sketching gesturing?

My brother in law Coen sent me a link to a YouTube video about a digital drawing board: It raises a nice question: Is sketching gesturing? Two easy answers: Yes, it falls under gesture because it is movement that is intended to communicate (or movement that expresses intention. No, it is different because it [...]

Flat Gesture Recognition

Here we find another example of gesture recognition straight from the heavens above.

At Philips they tinkered a bit with Looking Glass and HandVu, and now they have got it: A gesture controlled home environment. Just the thing we will be needing if our future is anything like minority report. What strikes me most is that [...]


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