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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Carol Fowler

A scientist called Carol Fowler has apparently done research that mine is related to. I was told so by Dominic Massaro, at the Visual Prosody workshop in Nijmegen MPI. He said that my findings on sign perception are similar to speech perception. Specifically, a delay of about 90 ms between detection and recognition, which I [...]

Workshop Visual Prosody

On May 10-11, Alexandra Jesse and Elizabeth Johnson from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen are organizing a Workshop on Visual Prosody in Language Communication.
I am invited to participate with a talk and enter discussions with fellow researchers. The list of participants is quite nice and I am proud to be amongst them.

Talking [...]

Fidgeting is to Gesture as ‘Ehm’ is to Speech?

Some people are actively interested in the stuff I am doing in my PhD studies, or at least ask me questions about it. I usually tell them about my first experiment. That experiment was entirely about the difference between meaningless movements I call fidgeting and meaningful gestures, in this case sign language signs.

“Press the spacebar [...]

Brain Research on Gestures and Speeches

Perhaps gesture and speech are somehow wired together in the brain. What is certain however is that in US brains everything is wired to politics come election time.

Even a nice bit of gesture research, by Colgate University neuroscientist Spencer Kelly, is destined to be used in (discussions of) political campaigning.

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