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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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A ‘young doctor’ was born

Well, it’s official.
I have shed my fur and emerged with a newfound dignity.
My PhD days have come to an end last monday.
You are reading a weblog by dr. ir. Arendsen.

I suddenly don’t know what to blog anymore…
Ah yes, some pictures of the day are here and you can also listen to an audio recording [...]

DWDD about our ‘computer die kinderen helpt gebaren te leren’

So, how did ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, a big Dutch TV news show, interpret our press release?
Watch it at roughly a minute into the clip…

Press release and media attention for PhD defenses

The TU Delft sent out a press release about my PhD work and PhD defense next monday and that of Jeroen Lichtenauer, who is defending this afternoon, 15:00u Aula TU Delft. And Gineke ten Holt is the third promovenda who is still working on the project (having started later).
TU Delft nieuwsbericht: Computer helpt dove kinderen [...]

Me at the FG2008

I would almost forget, but I also presented some work at the FG2008 conference: Acceptability Ratings by Humans and Automatic Gesture Recognition for Variations in Sign Productions.
Abstract: In this study we compare human and machine acceptability judgments for extreme variations in sign productions. We gathered acceptability judgments of 26 signers and scores of three different [...]

User Experience

I have worked as an interaction designer and usability specialist for many years. At the moment, the fashionable thing to be designing for is ‘user experience‘. Several colleagues here at TU Delft are trying to define user experience to help designers and researchers. Arnold Vermeeren organized a workshop on the definition of user experience at [...]

Een Mooi Gebaar 2007

The people with whom I am working in a project on Automatic Sign Language Recognition are organising a workshop. It is a national event, so the language is Dutch. We organised one workshop before, also called ‘Een Mooi Gebaar‘. The workshop is open to the public. All it takes is for you to register by [...]

Workshop on Visual Prosody in Language Communication

I will be at the MPI in Nijmegen Thursday May 10 en Friday May 11. There is an international Workshop on Visual Prosody in Language Communication, organized by Alexandra Jesse and others (program). I am giving a talk called when does sign recognition start? on friday around 10.30u.
Maybe I will see you there?

My patent on ‘electronic call assistants’

When I worked at KPN Telecom in 2001 we developed and patented an idea for a Personal Call Assistant: ELECTRONIC CALL ASSISTANTS WITH SHARED DATABASE (Wipo, Esp@ce)

A telephone exchange (1) arranged to communicate with communication units (2, 3, 4, 5, 7) and to provide a plurality of electronic call assistants to the communication units, a [...]

Bio Info

You can read my story here or check my profile at LinkedIn
I graduated in 1998 on speech recognition in a multi-modal user interface for a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and continued to work at KPN on speech recognition, mainly for phone (voice) services. Back then it was a nice time to be at KPN Research, [...]

Workshop Visual Prosody

On May 10-11, Alexandra Jesse and Elizabeth Johnson from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen are organizing a Workshop on Visual Prosody in Language Communication.
I am invited to participate with a talk and enter discussions with fellow researchers. The list of participants is quite nice and I am proud to be amongst them.

Talking [...]


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