A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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Deaf American Divisions on A.G. Bell

America, as usual, appears to have unique powers of division. In this case America is divided into Deaf America and deaf America, into oralists and manualists (?), into those who respect Alexander Graham Bell and those who reject and denounce his legacy. Bell, whose wife and mother were deaf, devoted much of his life to [...]

Did Phuprate sign ‘I am deaf’ or ‘fuck off’?

There is a crazy story evolving about a deaf man, by the name of Shaun Phuprate, who landed in jail for gesturing ‘fuck you’ at the police. But did he really?
Sunderland Echo: Signing row lands deaf man in court. “A DEAF man arrested after police mistook sign language for an obscene gesture has lost his [...]

Bristol has best signing on web

I came across a bundle of websites that is like a city full of British Sign Language (BSL). And it all seems to come from the University of Bristol, Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS). They managed to create a great signing experience in their site, in just about every page you care to look at. [...]

Balkenende on Doof.nl & AnnieS

To track news of local Deaf communities and sign language check Doof.nl and AnnieS. Both are up-to-date, usefull and well designed (nice and clean). Doof.nl has an rss-feed, which AnnieS lacks. However, for links to other organisations see Dovenschap.
Now, AnnieS is also producing and broadcasting TV items quite regularly. And they do it very well [...]


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