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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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A Human-Elbonian Handshake

Coincidentally, the daily Dilbert comic also features a somewhat alien handshake, as was the case with Robonaut’s handshake.

Wally nicely takes advantage of the gullibility of his Pointy Hared Boss, who, like so many induhviduals, apparently believes in what one might call ‘Inter-Cultural Gesture Determinism’. It is one of the The Biggest Misunderstanding About Gestures [...]

M. Obama and Sembiring: The Handshake that Shook Indonesia

In the news today, another wonderful gesture story. An Indonesian politician, Tifatul Sembiring, shook hands with Michelle Obama. Sembiring is a conservative Muslim who states that he should not touch women who aren’t related to him (he avoided doing so while meeting Tsunami victims for example). Sembiring quickly tried to spin the story via Twitter [...]

Healy’s Flute is an Orangist Salute

Although the story of David Healy’s flute gesture is getting a little moldy it has generated enough discourse to deserve another mentioning here. The interesting thing about this flute gesture is how it is part of the history of the Northern Ireland sectarian conflicts. Sensitive catholic Irish republicans will get inflamed over the gesture while [...]

Serbian Salute by Marija Šerifović

Marija Šerifović recently won the Eurovision Songfestival with a nice song called Prayer.

Marija Šerifović (photo by Indrek Galetin)
She is also the main character in a nice story about a gesture: the Serbian Three-finger Salute: The three-finger salute is a Serbian salute with the thumb, index, and middle fingers open.
The origin of this [...]

Nyst Documents Adamorobe Sign Language

Victoria Nyst defended her PhD thesis titled ‘A Descriptive Analysis of Adamorobe Sign Language (Ghana)’ at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) two weeks ago (March 30). The local university website wrote a short piece about this Unique sign language in African village with high hereditary deafness.

One claim is that AdaSL is highly iconic; can [...]

Andrea & De Boer, 1993

Het gebarenboekje (via boekbalie.nl)
Pat Andrea & Herman Pieter de Boer Baarn, 1993
Uitgeverij: Fontein, De ISBN: 90-261-0621-1
Serietitel: Fontein pocket special Nederlands
Pat Andrea illustrated and Herman Pieter de Boer wrote descriptions for countless Dutch cultural gestures. Together the pair authored four books, during the last 30 years:
* Nederlands gebarenboekje (1979)
* Nieuw Nederlands gebarenboekje (1982)
* Het gebarenboekje (1993)
* [...]

Gestural Differences: Iceland vs. Italy

If you are interested in gestural differences between countries and cultures, you may want to read: Conversation Patterns in Icelandic and Italian People: Similarities and Differences in Rhythm and Accommodation. by: Alessia AGLIATI, Antonietta VESCOVO, Luigi ANOLLI. (pdf) It is a chapter in a book in a series. Are these two people Italian or [...]

The Biggest Misunderstanding About Gestures

Why is it that some, like Judie Haynes from the US, would want to teach the young to watch out how they gesture when they meet people from a different culture? She gives 10 examples that are “perfectly acceptable” in the United States but rude, or obscene, in other cultures. However, her examples are sometimes [...]

Countries, Cultures and Gestures

The way people gesture is part of the culture of a country. Which is why I present you here a list of decent introductions into the culture of many countries. Be sure to check each second paragraph on ‘Communication Styles’ which includes speech and gestures. You can also learn about displays of emotion, and many [...]

Napoli gestures

The people of Naples have already been the frequent subjects of gesture studies. Online you can find here something about L’arte del gesticolare a Napoli. They also keep references to various studies.

What does this gesture mean? (source)
Andrea de Jorio wrote in the nineteenth centurey about the gestures of his fellow Neapolitans in La mimica degli [...]


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