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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Gesture Based Presentation System

Control a Beamed Powerpoint Presentation with Gestures
These students appear to have created a gesture based application that we also considered about four years ago. I know IBM and Philips were interested in this sort of application. So, well done guys! And excellent presentation too. I think they managed to make the best of it, given [...]

A Case of Co-Speech Gestures

A wonderfull new video on YouTube of two guys (programmers, it says) talking and ‘co-speech-gesturing’ (is that a verb?).

“Real programmers use sign language” (by ekabanov)
I think it is safe to assume that it is for real. Their whole behaviour looks too natural and wacky to be scripted.
I also think this is a great case [...]

Royal Points Finger at Sarkozy

Sunday the French will cast their final votes and get a new president: either Sarkozy or Royal. On the big final TV debate there was one ‘gesture’ that received considerable attention. Segolene pointed her finger repeatedly at Sarkozy while accusing him of something.

Watch out for the scene that starts around 4:00 in this video [...]

Brain Research on Gestures and Speeches

Perhaps gesture and speech are somehow wired together in the brain. What is certain however is that in US brains everything is wired to politics come election time.

Even a nice bit of gesture research, by Colgate University neuroscientist Spencer Kelly, is destined to be used in (discussions of) political campaigning.

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