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Wanker Gesture Lands Lawyer in Jail

The Wanker gesture is the second most often occuring gesture in the news, with giving the finger a mile in the lead. In third place is the ‘fuck-you’ forearm jerk. What do these have in common? They are insults, and unexpected insults are apparently very newsworthy.

Wanker gesture
(source: Wikipedia)

The latest wanker case comes from the Austin, Texas, US…

From Keyetv.com: Travis County Court at Law #6 Judge Jan Breland put Adam Reposa into jail after he made what is described in court documents as “…a simulated masturbatory gesture with his hand while making eye contact with the Court…”

Young Blair’s Wanker Gesture Cover-Up

Here’s a bit of world news for you: Prime Minister Blair of the UK was a bit of a rascal in his youth and student days. Well, good for him, you might think, and I hope the Britons will do the same. Specifically, it turns out that he made a crude or lewd gesture in a photo of his student club.

Blair makes wanker gesture
Can you spot Blair and his obscene gesture? (source)

The funny thing is that it was kept secret until now. Some people knew, but the picture was released with the gesture removed (by retouch), or in another case only the top half was published. As to the meaning of the gesture; I assume it can mean wanker, though that gesture is usually made with a wanking motion (which, if present, was not captured in this photo of course). But whom is he calling a wanker? I think he is making the gesture in a more general joking way. He boasts his lack of regard for decorum, saying perhaps something like “what a bunch of wankers we are all together”, or “look at me being the most daring of my company of rich brats”. Anyone else care to comment?

Buckingham Palace Plonker

There is a funny little gesture story in the news these days. It is about a guard who is making little gestures (and doing a little dance) while he is supposed to be standing very still.

Buckingham Palace Plonker
The peak of the stroke of a wanker gesture? (source)

On the YouTube: Buckingham Palace Plonker. “Shocking behavior by one of the Queen’s Guards in front of Buckingham Palace. Exclusive footage never seen before in front of Buckingham Palace.” (little dancechecking time)

Elsewhere the Telegraph reports: “The video clip shows him turning his head – apparently to catch the attention of a colleague – before shaking his right fist up and down. Perhaps realizing that he is being watched, he quickly morphs the gesture into a more typical if slightly camp wave, before resuming his sentry duty.”

That is a nice and detailed analysis of the gesture that the Foot Guard is making. A wanker gesture that is camouflaged by morphing it into a wave. I concur. And whoever made the analysis, please keep up the good work.

Update 1 hour later: It could also be a combination of ‘wanker’ and ‘hurry up’, possibly sending a message like ‘hey wanker, hurry up”. Maybe his colleague was slow on his routine? (see the comments in the Sun)

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