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Sutton-Spence Unravels Sign Language Poetry

For those of you who want to know more about sign language poetry: Rachel Sutton-Spence wrote a book (2004) with Paddy Ladd and Gillian Rudd on the topic (source – Amazon). Can’t be bothered to get the book? There is also a good analysis (28-page pdf) of sign language poetry available online by the same […]

Sign Language Poetry and Theatre from Draadloos

I went to a cultural event today. There was poetry, there was music and even a short play. But the reason I went there was because someone pointed out to me that there was going to be sign language poetry. I have seen some signed poems in videos at Slope and ASL Quest, and even […]

Song Writing

What could be better than making music? My biggest passions are singing and playing the guitar. I think I have been singing for as long as I can speak. My mom and dad also sang a lot when I was growing up, and have continued to do so throughout their lives. When I was at […]

In Memoriam: Marcel Marceau, silent yet eloquent

Hero of the ‘once nearly lost art of pantomime’, Marcel Marceau (images), has recently died at the age of 84. Pop-out A nice tribute (proceed to many others at YouTube at your leisure) Mime Marceau was born as Marcel Mangel in Strasbourg, France. He died on September 22 this year. From what I gather of […]

Signed Children’s Rhymes

I once bought a very nice CD-rom from Effatha-Guyot with 19 signed children’s rhymes. The short songs or poems (not sure what to call them exactly) are by Diny Visch and Arie Terpstra. Here is an example of the title-rhyme called ‘The Elephant and the Mouse’: Original title: “Van de Olifant en de Muis… Peuterliedjes […]

Sign Language Music Video of Zombie

There is a wonderful sign language video of the song Zombie on YouTube. I started a collection of other Sign Language Poetic Performances around it. Seeing these videos strengthen my opinion that the poetic mechanisms available in sign language are quite rich and not all available in written, spoken, or sung language.

A Poem called Gestures

Just in case a poet (or poetry lover) lurks inside you, here is a poem by Kathleen Vibbert called Gestures. There are no doves along the reef … Tags: poetry

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