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Wiimote + 15 Tonnes ‘Robot’ Arm

Python + Wiimote + 15 tonnes of Metal! was uploaded by: simonwittber
Duration: 174

Wii-Gesture Control for Robots

Here is a guy called roschler demonstrating how to (learn to) control an i-Sobot, the world’s smallest humanoid robot, with Wii-gestures instead of using a complicated remote control. Because the robot’s routines are mostly gestures you can create commands for them through imitation or iconicity. Probably, actions will often have to be simplified, since I […]

Wii gestures for WWii game

Medal of Honour is a game where you play a soldier in World War II. EA created a special version for the Nintendo Wii (and the Nunchuk) and provided some animations of how you gesture to play. How to jump and crouch. (source) Here are tutorials on turning around, throwing a grenade, reloading your gun, […]

Wii Mainstreams Gesture Recognition

(source) The Nintendo Wii controller is starting to hit the big spotlights. Interaction designers, like Matt MacQueen, are noticing the power they can bring to gaming experience. He has written a nice piece reflecting on Wii experiences sofar and projecting trends for the future. See the huge line for the Nintendo Wii demonstrations at the […]

Will Wii Win?

The Wii is the new Nintendo gaming console that you could call a gesture interface. It’s a motion sensitive remote control with his second hand sidekick Nunchuk. Gamers appear to like the idea very much, see for example the response to this demo-video of Wii gesture-drumming. Meanwhile, Bill Gates plays it down, blowing smoke up […]

1. Introduction: Gesture-controlled combat robot

1. Introduction: Gesture-controlled combat robot was uploaded by: FontaltechElvis
Duration: 74

Milford Go-Robo Femisapiens

Milford Go-Robo was uploaded by: MardyGit
Duration: 153

Sixense TrueMotion Presentation at NVISION08 – Highlights

Sixense TrueMotion Presentation at NVISION08 – Highlights was uploaded by: sixensent
Duration: 304

Sixense shows off its magnet-based gesture control system for games

Sixense shows off its magnet-based gesture control system for games was uploaded by: deantak
Duration: 77

MechRC versus i-Sobot

Here is a decent introduction of a robot that was new to me, the MechRC (home). MechRC dancing robot | videos Crave TV (link): MechRC dancing robot. Bringing the robotic apocalypse one step closer, inventor Dr Jim Wyatt shows off the MechRC, a dancing, fighting, football-playing robot simple enough to be programmed by a […]

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