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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Archive for August, 2008

Gestures in language development

Gesture 8:2 came out recently. It is a special issue on ‘Gestures in language development’. Amanda Brown, a friend who stayed at the MPI doing PhD research, published a paper on Gesture viewpoint in Japanese and English: Cross-linguistic interactions between two languages in one speaker. Marianne Gullberg, Kees de Bot and Virginia Volterra wrote an [...]

MobileASL progress

A demo describing the MobileASL research project
The group of MobileASL researchers at the University of Washington features in a local news bulletin. They have been working for a few years now on efficient transmitting of ASL video over a channel with limited bandwidth. The idea is to enable mobile videophony, which has been the [...]

Website Renovations

Hello my dear readers. Perhaps you missed it, but this website was down for almost two weeks. There were some technical difficulties and in the end I more or less started anew, with a less than perfect backup of the content. So, it is possible that pages are missing or that links malfunction. If you [...]

Apple Gesture Patents around iPhone

I noticed a flurry of gesture patents that mentioned a ‘portable mutlifunction device’. That’s patentspeak for iPhone. The patents were all from APPLE Inc. Well done Apple. That’s how you manage a patent portfolio. Philips and IBM used to be the masters in this line of completely covering an area with a barrage of patents. [...]

Healy’s Flute is an Orangist Salute

Although the story of David Healy’s flute gesture is getting a little moldy it has generated enough discourse to deserve another mentioning here. The interesting thing about this flute gesture is how it is part of the history of the Northern Ireland sectarian conflicts. Sensitive catholic Irish republicans will get inflamed over the gesture while [...]

Gesture Based Presentation System

Control a Beamed Powerpoint Presentation with Gestures
These students appear to have created a gesture based application that we also considered about four years ago. I know IBM and Philips were interested in this sort of application. So, well done guys! And excellent presentation too. I think they managed to make the best of it, given [...]


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