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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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Ninja Strike Airtime

Ninja Strike, a killer application for gesture recognition?
This is certainly an interesting development. Previously we have seen mobile phones using motion and acceleration sensors for gesture control (see here and here). There have also been applications where the camera was used to simply capture optical flow: something in front of the camera is moving/turning in [...]

Prize for Bionic Hand

In the UK, the i-Limb has won an innovation prize. It is a prosthesis with fingers that can move independently (I would think that certain motor programs require a very close ‘functioning together’ of the fingers, but perhaps they incorporated such things). It gets its input from myoelectric signals from the arm’s muscles.

i-Limb by Touch [...]

ERC grant Onno Crasborn

Onno got a grant from the European Union that will allow him to start his own research group. He will investigate what happens ‘on the other hand’ in signed languages.

User Experience

I have worked as an interaction designer and usability specialist for many years. At the moment, the fashionable thing to be designing for is ‘user experience‘. Several colleagues here at TU Delft are trying to define user experience to help designers and researchers. Arnold Vermeeren organized a workshop on the definition of user experience at [...]

Guest Lecture about Designing for the Deaf

Wednesday, May 21, 14.00h, room U, Faculty of Industrial Design, TU Delft.
“Deaf people can do anything, except hear.” I. King Jordan
Deaf Culture and Nederlandse Gebarentaal (NGT)
Corpus NGT (Johan)
Erkenning NGT
Onno’s Columns Woord en Gebaar
Some Products/Technology for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People:
Harris Communication (basics – babywatch - vibrawatch)
AnnieS winkel mobiele teksttelefonie op BlackBerry
Suspicious promises of [...]

Is Obama just fidgeting or giving the finger?

Typically, people can see whether a movement is intended to communicate (a.k.a. a gesture) or whether the movement’s producer has some other intention, be it practical or just fidgeting. There are however plenty of examples where the movement is ambiguous: it could be a gesture but it could also be a meaningless incidental movement. Barack [...]

Wanker Gesture Lands Lawyer in Jail

The Wanker gesture is the second most often occuring gesture in the news, with giving the finger a mile in the lead. In third place is the ‘fuck-you’ forearm jerk. What do these have in common? They are insults, and unexpected insults are apparently very newsworthy.

(source: Wikipedia)

The latest wanker case comes from the [...]

Even Old Men Invent Sign Language

Do children learn language from rich (enough) input or do they invent it more or less on their own, driven by some innate program? That is a question that has kept great scientists busy, particularly Noam Chomsky.
And so with modern gesture research (post Chomsky) and modern sign language research (post Stokoe/Tervoort) the question became important [...]

Van Bommel Overdoing Sarcastic Gestures

Mark van Bommel is a Dutch football player who plays for Bayern Munich. He is also a bit of a drama queen, who already supplied us with a decent little gesture scandal before. After already being fined 6200 euro for making a ‘fuck you’ gesture (forearem jerk) to the crowds at Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium, [...]

Deaf American Divisions on A.G. Bell

America, as usual, appears to have unique powers of division. In this case America is divided into Deaf America and deaf America, into oralists and manualists (?), into those who respect Alexander Graham Bell and those who reject and denounce his legacy. Bell, whose wife and mother were deaf, devoted much of his life to [...]


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