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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Archive for January, 2008

Lleyton Hewitt Trademark Gesture Challenged

I just noticed that there is a new case of people trademarking a gesture. In this case it is tennisplayer Lleyton Hewitt . However, he did not ‘invent’ the gesture (if such a thing could be said about a gesture in the first place), another tennisplayer called Niclas Kroon was apparently the first to trademark [...]

My first papre was publshed

Oh my god.
I just read the abstract of the first journal paper I have ever published (not counting my writings for the University’s weekly, the Delta). It is horrible writing! After a long and tedious process of writing, revising, co-editing, and revising some more it is unreadable!
The present and past tense are alternated seemingly at [...]

Jelgerhuis and the Eloquence of the Body

Here is a wonderful video that sums up and illustrates the main ideas about gestures that are available in the work of Johannes Jelgerhuis, a famous artist of this time as a painter, illustrator and actor. At the same time the video follows the story of a recent book by Herman Roodenburg, Eloquence of the [...]

Wii-Gesture Control for Robots

Here is a guy called roschler demonstrating how to (learn to) control an i-Sobot, the world’s smallest humanoid robot, with Wii-gestures instead of using a complicated remote control. Because the robot’s routines are mostly gestures you can create commands for them through imitation or iconicity. Probably, actions will often have to be simplified, since I [...]

ZCam 3D Gesture Recognition

The ZCam, from 3DV Systems, is featuring in several recent movie demos on the YouTube. It is a camera with onboard technology (it emits infrared pulses and catches refections) that not only provides RGB values for a matrix of pixels, but also a Z-score, i.e. the depth of that pixel. It is reported to be [...]

Emblems in action

See here a nice video on the YouTube featuring a lot of gestures (it is a group of Sicilians at the dinner table). Thanks to Kensy Cooperrider and his embodied talk weblog for digging up some video gems.

A Sicilian Argument
One of the things I like in this video is that you can see some emblems [...]


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