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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Archive for December, 2007

Name calling in SLN

There is an interesting initiative to include name calling or swear signs in the SLN lessons for parents of Deaf kids was organised by a group of parents of Deaf kids. According to their leaflet (in Dutch) they will be treating the following signs in the first lesson: klootzak (dysphemism for scrotum), idioot (idiot), and [...]

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - Gesture Trailer

There is a new release in the game series Medal of Honor (see also Medal of Honor Vanguard), which again bets heavily on the Wii gesture control.
Trailer: Experience WWII with an all new Wii-mote control scheme!

GameTrailers commenter: For once a Wii control scheme that actually looks intuitive and intricate as opposed to gimmicky. Ill [...]

Lehmann’s Perfect Finger Camouflage

Here is one of the nicest ‘Fingers in camouflage’ I have ever seen on video.
Lehmann middle fingerUploaded by goalbumbum
Offside Bundesliga: When confronted Lehmann said: “It’s nonsense. I’ve never done anything like that”. It supposedly happened after one of Lehmann’s risky trademark excursions outside of the box, during the Germany - Cyprus match on Saturday [...]

The Acceptability of Sign Manipulations

My latest research revolved around the question ‘when is a sign production still acceptable’, or rather, given that context and application of different norms have a big influence on acceptability, ‘which (types of) variations are more acceptable?’
We ran an experiment which I think has yielded interesting results. Tuesday Jan 22 I will be giving a [...]

Gestures are Sterile, Touching is not

At the renowned Fraunhofer institute they may have built a killer gesture app: Gesture control that lets surgeons control a 3D-display of a head (for example) during surgery while remaining sterile (touching buttons would break sterility, I guess).

Rotate the 3D image by gesturing (source)
Press Release: Non-contact image control
As if by magic, the three-dimensional CAT [...]


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