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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Future President’s Gesture?

Here is a post that’s good for a laugh (if you’re not in love with US politicians) on Geenstijl, a popular Dutch news blog. Unfortunately for the majority of readers, the dodgy jokes are in Dutch. Which is why I’ll translate them to English. Who knows, maybe the jokes will end up back in the US?

Hillary Gesture Story Hi, I’m Hill

Hillary Gesture Story You know, the wife of Bill

Hillary Gesture Story Now, I’m looking for something bigger

Hillary Gesture Story Yeah right, about this thick?

Hillary Gesture Story I’ve only got this

Hillary Gesture Story It’s gotta be about this length

Hillary Gesture Story Take me, take me!

Hillary Gesture Story Shit! F*ck. Never mind.

For those of you who can not believe I am lowering myself to such a cheap shot: The story exemplifies the limits of our ability to see just about anything in a gesture. Even though speech may be required to interpret gestures, the liberties taken here are clearly too much.

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