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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Archive for February, 2007

Ryan Florence arrested over childish gun gesture at Cameron

A young guy called Ryan Florence was arrested today after making a ‘gun gesture’ at English politician David Cameron (see Metro). Strangely enough, he seems not to have been arrested for the gesture. He is charged with possession of cannabis… after they searched his house… (because of what?).

Boy, did he pick the wrong guy to [...]

How to create your own anchor-gesture

In remarkable similarity to how to create your own mudra, I just found a nice prescription to create your own gesture to relax you or give you confidence under stress (in this case on the cricket pitch). Why anyone would feel stress in relation to cricket is none of my Dutch concern, but the procedure [...]

Is there a gesture in every click?

I have been catching stories in my newsreader where the word ‘gesture’ is used in a way I found hard to understand. A group of people are talking about the gestures that can be seen in people’s internet behaviour or computer usage. Who started this use of the word gesture? I don’t know exactly, but [...]

Alexander Jensenius’ Musical Gestures

I found a fellow blogger called Alexander Refsum Jensenius who has a nice collection of posts about gestures. His main interest is in Musical Gestures and the technology to capture them. There are also some nice thoughts and pictures regarding the nature of gesture (that I could not resist commenting on). He made a nice [...]

Van Bommel gives Real the elbow

I am starting to notice a pattern to sportsmen making insulting gestures. Yesterday I watched Dutch football player Van Bommel make a “fuck you”-gesture (twice) with a hand in the crook of the elbow after scoring for Bayern Munich against Real Madrid. A day later he is under attack and vigorously apologizing to fans and [...]

I just waved at a wagging tail…

“Oh, no”, I found myself thinking about 20 minutes ago, “Adam Kendon was right and my family is wrong”. And all because a dog wagged his tail and I waved at it.

Nice to meet you too, dog. (source)
I recently formulated some hypotheses about the perception of waving on behalf of, or inspired by, my son [...]

Czech PM Topolanek Denies Finger

The Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek possibly faces a fine for giving the finger to another Czech politician KSÄŒM Deputy Vladimír KoníÄ?ek, who was offended by the gesture and filed a complaint.

Politicians, always trying to express their opinions carefully? (source)
(Prague Monitor) Topolánek unfurled an erect middle finger 2 February when opposition deputies complained about cabinet [...]

Ricky Martin Gives Finger to War Promulgation

It is thoroughly depressing that the man who is himself the most notorious finger giver on Earth is also a high profile receiver of the same insult. Yet another first place for the planet’s most hated, powerful, unbelievable executive manager; self-styled commander in chief of the armies of the West; the captain that laughs in [...]

Merkel Shrugs Bush’s Massage Off

It has become a bit of a classic, so here’s president Bush rubbing the shoulders of bundeskanzler Angela Merkel at the G8, last summer.
(for higher quality images, see this slideshow)
This bit of cross-atlantic communication between Bush and Merkel comes fairly close to a cultural misunderstanding.
Yet I do not think Bush’ gesture (giving a shoulder [...]

Reward Increased to 200 euro

So far, there have been no takers of my reward on evidence of cross-cultural gesture mix-up stories. The reward is raised from 150 euro to 200 euro. If you are certain such misunderstanding occur often please keep your camera ready to capture them.


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