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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Pope’s Every Act Perceived as a Gesture

The Pope is visiting Turkey. I put together a fairly random collection of newsflashes from my newsreader to illustrate how his acts have an enormous communicative value. Everything he does is perceived as a gesture of some kind (which is perhaps the most common use of the word gesture, see examples here, here and more). [...]

NFL quarterback Vick gives finger to fans

After a game of American Football, the losing quarterback Michael Vick gave his booing fans the finger. Such sporting gestures occur frequently (check, check, check) as does verbal abuse in such heated moments.

What did those nasty fans say to that poor man? (source)
But, boy-o-boy, did he get grilled over it. Every news site in the [...]

Look at me, I am thinking

Here is a nice Garfield comic (always a good source for gestures, see here and here). It illustrates how a bit of fidgeting (thoughtful lip-touching) can be turned into a pose. Suddenly Jon displays a gesture of thoughtfulness instead of actually being lost in thought.


Journals for Gesture and Sign Language Research

For my own research, I am considering where to submit papers about the perception of sign language and other gestures. I previously submitted a paper to the journal Gesture, but other journals might be good as well or even better. Let us consider a few candidates: Gesture, SLS, TAP, JEP:HPP, LCP, SLL, JML, and more

Gesture [...]

Did my nephew just fidget or gesture?

Sometimes science is what happens while you are making research plans. One of my favorite topics for research plans is what makes a gesture a gesture. I ask myself if gestures are always clearly visible? And if so, is that universally true or culture-specific? What is the influence of context? Which circumstances increase the chance [...]

Balkenende on Doof.nl & AnnieS

To track news of local Deaf communities and sign language check Doof.nl and AnnieS. Both are up-to-date, usefull and well designed (nice and clean). Doof.nl has an rss-feed, which AnnieS lacks. However, for links to other organisations see Dovenschap.
Now, AnnieS is also producing and broadcasting TV items quite regularly. And they do it very well [...]

Gestural Differences: Iceland vs. Italy

If you are interested in gestural differences between countries and cultures, you may want to read: Conversation Patterns in Icelandic and Italian People: Similarities and Differences in Rhythm and Accommodation. by: Alessia AGLIATI, Antonietta VESCOVO, Luigi ANOLLI. (pdf) It is a chapter in a book in a series. Are these two people Italian or [...]

Eon Reality licenses Microsoft Touchlight

Some YouTube movies barely need introduction:

“Touchlight is a technology that Eon Reality licensed from Microsoft that permits gesture based control of EON’s 3D visualizations“.
The whole thing smells of Minority Report. You stand and gesture majestically in front of a glass display with layered holographic projection. Yet no gloves are required. The three cameras allow the [...]

Dissecting Mick Bates’ finger in Welsh Assembly

As civilized human beings (which I can tell from my statistics) you may be getting a little annoyed by my frequent posts about fingers in the news. One might say: “Why trumpet the trivial?”. Well, I promise to keep the vulgarity down. But it is hard to ignore gestures hitting the headlines, as public insults [...]

Sign Chi Do: Bastard Child of Tai Chi and ASL

Before you read further, watch this video of Sign Chi Do. (Or at least a couple of seconds of the 8-minute exercise-mantra-prayer-song).

In the words of the ‘inventors’: “SignChiDo is an exercise form created and designed by a medical physician. It is a unique approach to stress management through breathing, thought and movement. SignChiDo harmonizes [...]


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