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University News: PR for ASLR

At my university we have a newspaper called TU Delta. They interviewed my colleagues and me about our Automatic Sign Language Recognition (ASLR) project.

Browsing the Delta archives I saw an interview with Joeri van Zuilen, a Deaf student at the TUD (and native signer). By chance, Joeri was kind enough to participate in my studies regarding the perception of sign language. He is also blogging but not working at NASA (yet).

Integraal is our university’s glossy. They also wrote about us in a piece on enabling technology. We are getting popular, it seems. In their archives I found a big piece on a gesture recognition project by Caroline Hummels, a colleague at my own department. She got her PhD in 2000 with her work on the expressive aspect of gesturing and how this can help designers shape their designs.

Why doI tell you these things here?

Because sometimes, a PhD-student needs to know he is not invisible and not alone… (sniff ;-)

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    Nice, too wondering about ’signlang.’/gestures, why always design over. Functionality? I think the latter far more important. (Remark: typing this seems online Very slowdowned)

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