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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Dutch Gesture and Sign Language Theses Online

All Dutch theses (proefschriften) are now available online at DAREnet. But they do not seem to go back very far. I found the 2003 thesis of Inge Zwitserlood on Classifying hand configurations in Nederlandse Gebarentaal (NGT, or Sign Language of the Netherlands, SLN). And there is a 2005 thesis of Keiko Yoshioka on Linguistic and gestural introduction and tracking of referents in L1 and L2 discourse.

(Source RuG)

None of the older theses about NGT seem to be available. There are some at the LOT, like the one from Onno Crasborn (2001) and Beppie van de Bogaerde (2000), but these also go back to 1998 only.

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