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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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GameTrak Golf

The revolutionary golf game where you swing a club to hit the ball… It sounds rather silly, but the amazing part of it is that the ball isn’t real, nor is the golf court really there. It is a computer game for the PS2 or Xbox. This game has been around for a while. It [...]

Recording NGT Signs ELo

The ELo project, in which I participate, aims to create a sign language tutor for deaf and hearing impaired children (age 3-5) to practice sign language. At the TU Delft, where I work, we develop and supply the gesture recognition technology. To train and test the recognizer we are recording a dataset. We are recording [...]

Technorati Tags

Since this blog features quite a bit of techy, geeky stuff on gesture recognition and sign language recognition, I thought it would be nice to start using technorati tags. Dunno how they work exactly yet or what use they are for you as a reader. Feel free to comment on what would be handy.

Garfield Gestures More

A wrote about the gestures I saw Garfield (and Jon) make in six months of their comic a while ago. It is now the single most popular page on this site. So, I decided to browse the ones from April 2006 to now as well. (done till May 27)

‘Real’ Pointing point-caught-in-action point-rude point-focus-attention point-accusation
Index-finger-up point-index-up-attention 2 [...]


Not unexpected yet ever so sad: Baby signing is taking an ever more commercial direction with all sorts of commercial crap coming out. The initial research underlying the whole phenomenon was weak to start with. Now it’s been misrepresented so much that it’s becoming just a load of crap.
This ‘baby’ can now nag you [...]

Evolution of Nipple Fascination

To what extent are we related to gorillas? Well I do not know, but we do seem to share a fascination with nipples. A very common request of Koko the signing gorilla is to ’see some nipple’. A very common request of signing babies (around 9 months) is for ‘Milk’, which can be nipple or [...]

Canadian Governments Must Sign

After a fight in court, several Deaf Canadians, supported by the Canadian Association of the Deaf, got their right to equal access to government services confirmed by the Federal Court. Specifically it means that interpreters (in American Sign Language (ASL) and/or Langue des Signes Québécoise (LSQ)) should be available and paid for by the government [...]

Signs of an Angry Cactus

Beware! Plants, and especially cacti, do have body language according to Connie Krochmal of BellaOnline. Suddenly, my perception of the simple cactus and plant life in general is changed. It’s a blossoming horticulture out there, filled with a hitherto unknown flood of communication. A world of plant ideas and tree feelings. This cactus may really [...]

Right to Gesture Freely?

Thomas Burns, of New Castle (USA), contends being denied his right to free speech when he was cited for giving a construction worker the finger. The question is whether the gesture itself, unaccompanied by words, is an offense.
Pennsylvania courts ruled previously that the gesture does not automatically constitute disorderly conduct, because it is not “obscene” [...]

The Divine Roots of Sign Language?

Interested in some examples of sign language storytelling? Check out the daily devotions in ASL from Deaf Missions.

Unlike Mudras, sign language does not have its roots in mysticism. Or does it? I find that throughout a good part of history, there is a special brand of hearing people interested in sign language: preachers. Over the [...]


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