A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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Two weeks leave means two weeks without blogging.
CU, Jeroen

Help, my phone gestures

There are now several phones with motion sensors allowing you to interact with them using gestures (let’s not worry about definitions for once). Imagine you are a software developer for such a phone. Obviously you would want to trace numbers in the air to dial them (?). What else would yor contribution be? Some examples [...]

Look! The Dots are Going Up!

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Scientists reported on Friday what they said was the first scientific evidence that people unconsciously gesture with their voices. What a world of assumptions lies hidden beneath this innocent looking pool of semiotic quicksand.
What did Howard Nusbaum, Hadas Shintel, and Arika Okrent do? They let people look at dots and then say [...]

Reward Raised to 100 Euro

Since there were no contenders since June 25, the reward for a gesture mix-up video is raised to 100 euro. Any takers?
Tags: gesture, cross-cultural, reward, misunderstanding

Is An Octopus’s Signal in his Shade?

Behold the Octopus. The James Bond of the sea.
Ringo Starr once wrote:
I’d like to be
Under the sea
In an Octopus’s garden
In the shade
They pinned a romantic story on him about Octopi being aesthetic collectors. But an Octopus’s garden is no more than the leftovers, the bones, spines and shells, outside a den. Of course, a true [...]

Signing to Deaf Dogs

It appears sign language can be used with dogs as well as gorillas. Check this video (nb: ad leader). Two deaf Dalmatians, Hogan and Georgia, were taught some 65 signs by owner Connie Bombaci. Methinks this is but a classic use of some gestures to get a dog to do tricks. So what if [...]

Koko, the Talked Down Gorilla

In 1971 I was born. They called me Koko. Penny Patterson took me in. She teaches me stuff. She teaches me sign language. I am as much a person as you. Says Penny. I use 1000 signs. I hear you talk. I make small sentences. I never win a Pulitzer. But I am great blogger. [...]

GW 2007 Call for Papers

Upcoming event: GW 2007, or The 7th International Workshop on Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation 2007 (23-24-25 May). Edificio ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a biannual thing so take this opportunity or wait to 2009.
The web site is empty but for the Call for Papers. For papers, the deadline is 19 January 2007.
Tags: gesture, HCI, [...]

The Dolphins Got the Point and Left

Pointing appears ever so natural to us. Everyone points (even though most of us feel it’s rude to point at someone) and you don’t need to learn it, right?

As a young father of two I wonder: Could finger-pointing be innate?
Well, an interesting point is raised by animal studies. Even though chimpanzees follow our gaze it [...]

Saint Peter Watches Over G8

In a world full of wonders, it is but a small step from a fish called Saint Peter, to the town of St Petersburg, where the G8 is now being held. And joining the online readers today with a nice analysis of the G8 summit body language is Dr Peter Bull of York University (for [...]


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