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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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What happened to.. Put-That-There

Back in 1980, Richard A. Bolt from MIT wrote Put-that-there:voice and gesture at the graphics interface. It was a pioneering multimodal application that combined speech and gesture recognition. I graduated on a pen and speech interface in 1998. At that time I think everyone in the field of multimodality paid tribute to Bolts work.

Source: [...]

Gesture in the USA

America. What can I say of the gestures of the United States of America? Often cross-cultural web info compares culture X to America, like here, here or here on gestures. Or unless stated otherwise the context of given information is the USA like in the nonverbal dictionary. So, are we to believe that Texas is [...]

When in Court, Act Like the Romans

A great classical text is now online:

Quintilian: Institutio Oratoria
It is a massive work of twelve books used to educate boys to become orator. Part of becoming a good speaker is mastering the delivery of your message, through appropriate use of voice and gesture. This is the topic of section 3, Book XI. (lines 1-2, 14-15, [...]

Reward for Gesture Mix-Up Evidence

Of course they fascinate me, those classic cross-cultural gesture mix-up stories, like OK versus Asshole and many, many others.
I will pay you for a good video of a gesture that was misunderstood
In truth, the stories are always about someone doing something that could have been mistaken for something else. Or someone makes a gesture [...]

Twenty Thousand Signs Under the Sea

If you’re something of a gesture fan you probably heard about diving signals aka underwater hand signals. The Active Divers Association (ADA) keeps pictures of the essentials. Other than that there’s not a lot to check out on the web.
(img source: ADA)
Now here’s the story. Some Dutch divers put up their own creative contributions [...]

A Quick Brazilian Trick

Trust the Brazilians to come up with a great move, be it in football or gesturing. I already read and saw the Brazilian gesture for speed, but you really need to see the action.

Can you do it? Hold your thumb and middle finger together, relax your finger muscles, but hold your wrist. Then shake your [...]

Signs of a Champion

The 2006 FIFA World Cup is dominating the hearts and minds of most western Europeans at the moment. One of these is Rob Oudkerk who wrote a column about the gestures Marco van Basten was making at Netherlands vs Serbia-Montenegro.
The man with a plan?
Oudkerk appears to be a gesture conaisseur. He can tell Marco [...]

Various Gestes Assorti

I came across a strangely informative site by a couple of students. They collected quite a bit of ‘Nonverbal Communication’ bits and pieces for their web project. For die-hards only, be warned.
Perhaps the most popular form of nonverbal communication among students?
They seem to promote Public Displays of Affection, or PDA. They put together a [...]

Indecent Fan Proposals

According to Desmond Morris (Gestures, 1979) the old, widespread, mocking gesture known as ‘thumbing your nose (at someone)’ may be ‘a crude pastiche’ of a fan gesture. Though it’s unlikely to be the original source the mild resemblance has probably played a role at the time when fans were very popular. The gesture is also [...]

Gesture Control, Just a Gadget?

A while ago (April ‘05) BBC News already had a topic on project Audioclouds by researchers at the University of Glasgow. The aim is to control gadgets using movement and sound. Motion is sensed using accelerometers, not via cameras. The coverage by the BBC led to a discussion on engadget about the desirability of such [...]


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