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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

A mix of posts on gesture, HCI, perception or robots and some personal information.

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Archive for May, 2006

Signs that Made a Life Worth Living

Deafblind people are not destined to lead a poor excuse for a real, happy life. Apparently, this is something that needs saying, at least in the Netherlands. Anne Baker said it to a doctor just in time to prevent stopping the life support of a deafblind infant.
By www.indianngos.com
In the Netherlands vierhandengebarentaal (four hands sign [...]

Winx Club Fairy Tales

My daughter L. of four years old asked me for a Winx club magazine in the shop today. Apparently, they are all the rage at het school.
Will Bloom tell you who you are? Check the answers further down.
I started to object, then wavered under her enthusiasm. Luckily, when I opened the first pages [...]

Czech Gestures

Here are some Czech gestures and taboos. Czechs are said not to be extravagant gesturers (which is confirmed by the Canadian foreign affairs office) .
Prague: Not used to such lively world leaders?
The finger counting is similar to that of the French, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules are flexible in the Czech [...]

Dutch Children of a Lesser God

Children of a Lesser God is a great story with solid human characters. It is also about the emancipation of the Deaf and the importance of sign language. Most people probably know the movie, but it was a theatre play first.

And now, there is a plan to produce it in Dutch and Sign Language of [...]

Trading Gestures for Money

News: Australian PM John Howard got caught making risky gestures on the tradefloor, oblivious to the gesture system around him.
Check this real trader gesturing in the crude oil pit, or some more pictures. I wonder, will such nice gesture systems, used by future and stock option traders on the trade floor, vanquish with the [...]

It’s the Gestures that Get to You

Ever found yourself deeply moved as you watched other people? What was it that got to you? Was it what they said? Or what they did? Or was it the fact that behind the simple acts (speech or otherwise) you saw the depth of meaning being conveyed?

I will bet you a euro for a euro-dime [...]

The Divine Power of Mudras

One of the planets most important system of gestures is that of Mudras, aka Hand Mudras, Mudrâs, (Sanskrit, मुद्रा, literally “seal”; 印相 inzō in Japanese, wikipedia), mudras of the Buddha, or Yoga for Your Hands.
Is this Yoga saying OK, or Asshole, or is it a Dharmacakra Mudra?
Each mudra symbolizes and invokes a divine power [...]

The Guru of Gestures

Here’s a weird video of a guy who shares his creative thoughts on some gestures. It is difficult to decide whether he’s irritating, funny or just fooling around.
Quiet or I’ll chop you in half?
In any case he nicely demonstrates the funny stuff that can happen to gestures. He invents a ‘weird’ gesture or at [...]

10 Ways to Point Politely

Most of you will have heard your mothers tell you: “stop that! it’s rude to point“. Could it be one of those human universals? I have it confirmed from the Netherlands, France, England, United States, Turkey … (please let me know in the comments if it applies in your country)

This guy may not upset you [...]

Flemish Sign Language is ‘Official’

Another score for those who seek recognition of sign languages: The Flemish Sign Language (Vlaamse Gebarentaal, of VGT) was recently promoted to ‘official language’. Championne Helga Stevens (lovely VGT-videos) was instrumental as a Deaf member of the Flemish parliament. What the ‘official recognition’ means for the rights of VGT users and usage of VGT in [...]


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