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A Nice Gesture by Jeroen Arendsen

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Gesture in Russia

Thursday, my wife and I travel to Moscow. Her brother Coen will marry Katja, a girl from Lotosjino near (160 km) Moscow. I’d better get acquanted with Russian gestures. It appears that the mano fico has another meaning: an absolute “no” to whatever question or proposal was just made. Although over here it is said [...]

From Protest to Celebration

From angry protests to the chants of victory. The people of Nepal raise their hands much the same way as would we (were we to revolt), I believe.

In protest, the hands are tense. In celebration they are relaxed, or even waving. In defiance we raise a banner or a fist. In defeat we bow our [...]

Bin Laden Gestures

In the news today: an audio message by Bin Laden, the planet’s most unlikely fugitive.

A while ago BBC news analysed (see ‘video’) of Bin Laden’s appearance and gestures in different videotapes. The most recent message dating of October 2004 shows BL in the role of elderly prince, appearing calm and restricting his gestures almost entirely [...]

Berlusconi vs Prodi

Silvio Berlusconi is a man of great gestures, in every sense of the word. He is regularly caught on camera making nice gestures, often the mano cornuta (more on hand charms, or Italian gestures). Berlusconi can’t resist using the mano cornuta, but jokingly, not as an insult. His familiar ways with world leaders, like our [...]

Garfield gestures

I browsed through half a year of daily Garfield comics (20 April 2006 - 20 Sep 2005) to mark the gestures they feature. It was a fun and interesting exercise. I know of no comic where the gestures are so true to life.
Source Garfield.com
Index-finger-up Making a Point 2 3 4 Getting the point Got-it [...]

Hook ‘em Horns

Jan 2005: Bush and family members saluted the marching band of the University of Texas, whose athletes are nicknamed Longhorns with this gesture.

For many people in the world it has a different meaning, though. It is known as the ‘horns gesture’ or the Corna or mano cornuta, see this great wiki entry. Apparently it caused [...]

For the record mr. chairman

Dutch Minister Hoogervorst was caught in the act a while ago. When opposition leader Bos criticized his plans he made a vomiting gesture (dutch: ‘ik kokhals ervan’) which wasn’t taken lightly.
“Vanochtend heb ik een gebaar gemaakt dat niet past bij mijn functie en ik wil daarvoor uw Kamer en in het bijzonder de heer [...]

Pen Gestures

Those who study them like to call them Pen Gestures. The best known example is perhaps the Graffiti on Palm, which a helpful chap managed to implement in a Flash version using his own pattern recognition for Flash. Sharon Oviatt is the great champion of multimodal HCI with pen and speech interfaces. A tell-tale sign [...]

Kids learn about Gesture

There’s a nice site in the Netherlands that teachers can use to get ideas for special classes. One of the themes is about gestures and sign language. Mind you, it’s for all children, not just deaf ones. There are great suggestions for each age group: 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11. It is in Dutch. The author [...]

Worries of a Signer

Onno Crasborn wrote a column in Woord en Gebaar called ‘Wil ik met mijn computer praten‘ (more). In our Sign Language Recognition project, we try to keep him posted as something of an external conscience (see lecture in workshop ‘Een Mooi Gebaar’. We always rush to explain that signing computers will not replace classroom assistants. [...]


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